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ONLY A FEW UNIVERSITIES allow full-time paid employment in the 1st semester of study!!       
U.S. Immigration law allows graduate universities to offer full-time paid employment during the same time that Master's students are taking their teacher courses for recertification.  This program, known as Curricular Practical Training (CPT), allows international students to earn regular wages working for American companies in employment which is related to their major.  But, only a handful of universities offer such an opportunity.
For those few universities offering full-time CPT employment for international students, wages begin at $6.00 to $13.00 per hour for entry level jobs, but are higher for those with more experience and employment skills.  The university program we will seek to find for you will allow you to work full-time (40 hours per week) beginning from your first semester.  
How can I work full-time and also attend classes?    The universities which allow full time CPT employment offer their classes during the day, on week-ends and at night to accommodate the student's work schedule.  The format of these CPT universities is purposely designed so there is little or no conflict between work and study.

Programs currently available

  • Business (MBA)

  •        Executive MBA

  •        Hotel/Resort Management

  •        Information Systems Management

  •        International Business

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